Detection of Cervical Cancer

Lukas Gentara | 2/17/2010 01:01:00 AM | 1 comments

Detection of Cervical Cancer How do I detect that a woman infected with HPV that cause cervical cancer? Symptoms of a person infected with HPV are not visible and not easily observed. The easiest way to find out by doing cervical cytological examination. These checks currently popular with a Pap smear or Papanicolaou smear taken from a Greek doctor who discovered this method of George N. Papanicolaou. However, there are also many other methods for early detection of HPV infection and cervical cancer as follows:

IVA is an abbreviation of Visual Inspection with Acetic acid. Method of examination with cervical smear or cervix with acetic acid. Then observed if there are abnormalities such as white areas. If no color change, then there can be no infection in the cervix. You can make the health center with a relatively cheap price. This can be done only for early detection. If you see any suspicious signs, the other detection methods are more to be done.

Pap smear
Pap smear testing methods that doctors commonly use a scraper or brush to remove a small sample of cervical cells or cervical. Then these cells will be analyzed in the laboratory. The test can reveal whether there is infection, inflammation, or abnormal cells. According to the world, with a regular Pap smear tests have reduced the number of deaths due to cervical cancer.

Thin prep
Thin prep method is more accurate than Pap smears. If the Pap smear is only taken some of the cells in the cervix or the cervix, then the Thin prep will inspect all parts of the cervix or the cervix. Of course the result will be far more accurate and precise.

If all the test results on the previous method showed an infection or irregularities, colposcopy procedure will be done by using a tool equipped with a magnifying lens to observe the infected part. The goal was to determine whether there is a lesion or abnormal tissue in the cervix or cervix. If there is an abnormal, a biopsy - taking a small amount of tissue from the body - made and treatment for cervical cancer begin.


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  1. Pooja says:

    Cervical cancer is developed in the cervix area. It happens when cells grow at an abnormal rate. It is very important to know the different symptoms of cervical cancer. PAP smears is the test for detecting cervical cancer. Symptoms include vaginal bleeding, painful urination due to a possible kidney
    blockage, bleeding after sexual contact and pain in the pelvis area. For more details refer symptoms of cervical cancer