If you Hit Breast Cancer

Lukas Gentara | 2/16/2010 12:51:00 AM | 0 comments

If you Hit Breast Cancer

When someone was diagnosed with breast cancer, most patients will immediately be emotionally devastated. They feel a death sentence, even though the patient may be cured even more so when still in the early stages. In advanced stages, emotional and psychological impact can cause a depressed cancer patients. This can aggravate the situation. For that, need the support of the family or friends.

Breast cancer patients should tell their family or friends because people need the support of the people closest to the emotional aftermath she experienced. Is normal if the patient does not want to tell family or friends about their illness. The reason is because they do not want to bother or make the people who heard the sad or worried. However, imagine the opposite situation, when you are not informed by the family or your close friends that he was suffering from cancer, would you be more upset because you do not know and might not provide the required assistance.

Friend is someone who lives closest and you can talk to find the best treatment and the impact that may be experienced. Breast cancer patients may feel inferior to the situation so as to affect the marital relationship. Instead, it is also discussed with your husband to be understood and can provide assistance by giving a hug or other endearment.

The children are young may not understand what was happening. However, if your child has to talk to, you can tell with a simple language what is meant by breast cancer and the effects that might happen to you physically as a result of chemotherapy, hair loss or changes in the breast. It is important that children who are innocent do not get the wrong information from people who are not responsible for what can make them mennjadi fear or hate you or feel that what you experience from their mistakes.

Not all friends or family who are not too close to be notified if you feel uncomfortable to pass. You also do not need to respond to the comments given by friends, family or anyone else who knows your illness. There is always the positive comments and negative. So, it's not excessive to consider that can damage your body's endurance.

To add to the spirit, you can join a group of fellow breast cancer sufferers. In Indonesia, Indonesia Cancer Foundation can accommodate these needs. In this group, they can give the spirit and confidence so you can recover. The stories of other patients may be able to make you feel your condition is better. Or stories from other people determined to fight the disease and can get the healing can help you gain the strength to not give in to circumstances.

So, remain eager to fight your disease. If any family member or friend suffering from a tumor or breast cancer, you can provide the necessary support for knowing their sufferings. They can help support their recovery.


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