Preventing Cervical Cancer

Lukas Gentara | 2/17/2010 01:04:00 AM | 0 comments

Preventing Cervical Cancer Although cervical cancer scary, but we all can prevent it. You can do a lot of precautionary measures before ultimately infected with HPV and cervical cancer. Some practical ways you can do in everyday life include:

* Have a healthy diet, rich in vegetables, fruit and cereal to stimulate the immune system. For example consuming various karotena, vitamins A, C, and E, and folic acid can reduce the risk of cervical cancer.
* Avoid smoking. Much evidence indicates the use of tobacco can increase the risk of cervical cancer.
* Avoid sex before marriage or at a very young age or a dozen years.
* Avoid having sex during menstrual period proved effective to prevent and inhibit the formation and development of cervical cancer.
* Avoid having sex with many partners.
* The routine Pap smear tests regularly. We have a Pap smear test can be done even at the level of affordable health center.
* Alternative Pap smear test is a test IVA with a cheaper cost of Pap smears. The goal for the early detection of HPV infection.
* Provision of HPV vaccine or vaccination to prevent HPV infection.
* Perform an intimate organs or vagina known as a toilet. This can be done alone or can be also with the help of expert doctors. The goal is to clean the female sex organs of filth and disease.


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