Know the Fermented Milk Yoghurt

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Various food product or beverage outlets that sell yogurt in the form of ice or commonly called froyo frozen yogurt or is no longer a rare thing in the malls or shopping centers. With the various brands of outlets, yogurt has become part of popular snacks. Yogurt is a healthful snack. In addition it gives the sensation that tends to sour taste for the audience. Because of the popularity of yogurt, it does no harm if we knew more about the snacks this acid.

Yogurt Fermentation

Yogurt comes milk is then added with a bacteria that will form lactic acid. Bacteria commonly used in the process of making yogurt is the bacteria Bifidobacterium sp., Lactobacillus sp. or bacteria Streptococcus thermophilus and Lactobacillus bulgaricus.

These bacteria to trigger the fermentation process of milk, changing the lactose in milk into lactic acid. Another effect of the process of fermentation is the breakup of the protein in milk that causes the milk becomes thick. The end result will taste sour milk and condensed, this is the basic form of yogurt that has been finished.

Storage of Yogurt

After the yogurt is formed, the best way is to put it in a storage freezer. Store in a temperature of 4-7 degrees Celsius. Yoghurt should be placed in closed containers.

Frozen Yogurt (Froyo)

Yogurt can also be processed into forms such as ice cream. This form, known as the frozen yogurt froyo or often called the outlet bloom appeared in various shopping centers. Froyo properties similar to yogurt in general. Froyo more enjoyable because of the cold and eaten in a similar condition while enjoying ice cream.

To produce the form of frozen yogurt, required a special machine like the machines needed to make ice cream.


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