Lupus Symptoms and Detection

Lukas Gentara | 4/06/2010 04:28:00 PM | 0 comments

Lupus Symptoms and Detection

Lupus symptoms can vary in each patient. That's why someone who is suffering from this disease difficult to detect the disease. In fact, the symptoms can mimic symptoms of other diseases.

This is because the organ can be attacked differently in each patient. For example, if an attack is the blood, the symptoms are similar to people who suffer from anemia. When being attacked mouth, then the patient may experience a prolonged cold sore that could be considered as a symptom of lack of vitamin C.

Some common symptoms of this disease is the appearance of red spots on the nose and cheeks to form like a butterfly called the butterfly rash. Spotting can also occur in the body. In advanced stages, the disease can cause hair loss, excessive fatigue, damage to organs. Lupus sufferers experience such symptoms in people suffering from cancer.

So, how to tell if someone is suffering from lupus or not is by testing antinuclear antibodies (ANA). If a positive test result is most likely the person is suffering from Lupus disease.

Causes of Lupus Disease

Lupus is not a contagious disease and most sufferers are women of reproductive age, so often regarded as diseases of women. Heredity not as a direct cause of this disease. Although possible, the parents obtained a potentially abnormal gene for this disease, but there are other factors so that this disease can occur. Suspicion of experts about the cause of this disease is due to hormonal factors, but where the cause is unknown hormones.


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