Lukas Gentara | 4/06/2010 04:24:00 PM | 0 comments

Lupus discussed in this paper is not a young man who becomes a character in the story books popular teenager who had several years ago. Lupus is a kind of dread disease. Not clearly known cause. Almost all patients with this disease are women. Although this disease is not too much, it never hurts to find out more lupus.

Lupus disease is generally a chronic disorder that is on the immunity issue. Humans have a functioning immune system to attack foreign substances, viruses, bacteria or germs that can cause disease. However, in patients with lupus, the immune system which should serve as a protective body disorders. The body can not distinguish between foreign substances that must be destroyed with the body's own tissue is beneficial for survival.

Consequently, the attack is the body's own tissue and cause damage to organs like the lungs, blood, skin, kidneys, brain, heart, and others. Damage to the vital organs will cause a lupus sufferer called Odapus increasingly weak and sick.


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