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Migraine - More of this disease suffered by women. Migraine is a disease that attacks the brain and cause pain both physically and emotionally. Blood vessel dilation and inflammation of the brain is one of why the head ache. Although not clearly known cause, this disease is generally inherited disease.

What can be done is to try to prevent attacks of headaches and reduce pain when the attack occurred. Sometimes the attacks are not only attacking one side of the head but attacked both sides of the head.

Before the pulse strike the head, usually the patient will experience symptoms such as seeing flashing lights or commonly referred to as dizzy, seeing spots dark, wavy, saw the object becomes smaller, sensitive to the sight and sound or tingling in hands and feet. In emotion, a sign that can be experienced as anxiety, irritability, or stress. These symptoms are not always sure because every migraine sufferer can experience different symptoms.

Migraine Triggers

One way to avoid migraine attacks is by knowing what the cause of the attack. It is important to know the triggers that can cause migraine attacks. Avoiding the triggers means increasing chances of migraine. Some of migraine triggers include:

Changes in estrogen
The hormone estrogen in women can have many triggers of migraine. Especially when the number of estogen is not stable, for example at the time before and during menstruation, during pregnancy, contraceptive use, or if you are undergoing hormone therapy.
Sensory stimulation of the body
The light is too bright, the sound is too loud, or a certain smell to shine like the smell of perfume and cigarette smoke can be a trigger.
Changes in weather
Changes in extreme weather or the uncertain regulatory environment and changes in air pressure can be a migraine trigger.
Unusual sleep schedule
If your sleep patterns are not as usual. For example, a short period of sleep and even sleeping too long can make you experience a migraine. If you're new to travel, jet lag can also be the cause.
Exercise or physical activity that is heavier than usual can increase chances of migraine.
Food and Drink
The content contained in foods and beverages can be a trigger. Alcoholic beverages such as beer and wine or the content of caffeine contained in coffee should be avoided. Mengkonsusmsi chocolate, old cheese, foods that contain MSG or preservatives lot is also a migraine trigger.

Trigger the one shown above are some common triggers, but no guarantee is because your migraine triggers of migraine triggers on each person could have been different. To be able to find out what triggers your migraines, make a note of when the migraine attack, what you eat or drink, what activities will be done before you experience a migraine. Note is made every time a migraine attack. By analyzing the records, is expected to know what triggers your migraines.

Prevent migraines

No doubt, one of the causes of migraine is due to the heavy thoughts. For that, try to calm your mind. Do the relaxation of the mind, for example by doing your hobby, gardening, listening to music or other activities that are fun to you.

In addition to the mind, physically also need to receive training in order to stay in top shape, exercise regularly should be a thing that can not be forgotten. Sport is sport should be selected with a mild physical activity, such as walking, aerobics, or biking.

A good sleep patterns will support health and prevent migraine attacks you. Sleep should be within a reasonable time, the period for adults should sleep 6-8 hours a day. If possible, should sleep and wake at the same time every day.

If you currently are running the hormone therapy, you should discuss this with your doctor before you can be the solution. This is because migraines can also be caused by changes in hormone estrogen.

Treating Migraine

The first step that can be done when a migraine attack is to try to relax and calm the mind. Sleep in a quiet and dark place while trying to relax. You can put the ice that has been wrapped in cloth to put on the back of the head. Then do the gentle massage to the head.

If you are frequently attacked by migraine, a doctor should do to get the right treatment. In addition, the examination is also useful to know for sure if you experience headache is migraine disease or other headaches because sometimes, other heads of disease showed symptoms similar to migraine. Continue to lead healthy lifestyles and avoiding migraine triggers migraine that did not approach.


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