How Long Earth 'Cured' of Global Warming?

Lukas Gentara | 11/03/2010 01:30:00 PM | 0 comments

Techno - Science: How Long Earth 'Cured' of Global Warming? LONDON - A conference held Geology world organization concluded, it takes that long for the earth to recover fully from global warming (global warming).

The experts claim that the Earth has found a large role increasing greenhouse gas emissions on climate change and temperature, and the extinction of some species of the earth. This claim is successfully presented after their examined sedimentary rock that comes from millions of years ago.

According to Professor Jim Zachos, researchers from the University of California, a volcanic eruption occurred 55 million years ago and led to the emergence of greenhouse gases by 4500 gigatons dispersed into the atmosphere of the earth for thousands of years.

It is, further Zachos, as quoted by the Telegraph on Wednesday (03/11/2010), resulting in geothermal increased approximately 6 degrees Celsius and require that the entire ecosystem, including animals in those days, to adapt and migrate. Even mammals in some parts in those days many are not strong and the dead.

"If the world continues to produce greenhouse gases, the atmosphere we will be met by 5000 gigatons of greenhouse gases that will not be exhausted in the next hundred years. This will accelerate the rise in temperature and climate, even resulting in the increasing number of species are extinct," said Zachos.

Added Zachos, the impact of all this to the evolution of the planet will become more intense than 55 million years ago. In fact it took more than 100 thousand years for earth to 'heal' itself from this global warming.


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