Police Find Traces Alumni London School

Lukas Gentara | 7/08/2011 09:04:00 PM | 0 comments

Melissa's been three days is not known to exist, the family had to the police.

Traces Alumni London School

Liondini Melissa, 23, employee of a private company in Sudirman, Jakarta, has three days to disappear. STIKOM alumnus of the London School of Public Relations (LPSR) left the house since Tuesday, July 5th, 2011 ago.

Melissa, who was called Icha, out of the house since the morning for work. Although in pain conditions, Icha remain in the office, by riding his motorcycle. To this day, after three days, Icha not yet returned home. The family then reported the incident that befall his son to the Police Cakung, East Jakarta.

Police Public Relations Section Head Cakung, East Jakarta, Inspector Sutrisno, explains, this incident has been reported Budi Santoso, parents Icha since 15:00 GMT, Friday, July 8, 2011.

At Icha leaving for work, he did not come home until evening. The family then contacted the office and coworkers. But he certainly did not enter the office that day.

This certainly makes the family was shocked, because since 09.00 am, Icha already left for work. It is then reported to the police family. but because it has not been 24 hours, the report could not be investigated, and the family was asked to look at hospitals around the office where his son worked.

"Had contacted the office but did not come to work. The phone is also not Akif. That day also had to report it, but I'm looking at a hospital near the office, because the condition is ill. We were scared of him falling on the road," said Sutrisno.

Sutrisno explained, according to Icha parents, the child was not having problems at work, with a girlfriend, let alone with the family.

Now, the case of the police handled the disappearance of Icha start. Examination of the family has done. The mobile phone of victims are now beginning to be tracked to find the whereabouts of the victim.


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