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San Francisco County DUI Attorney - You're looking for information about dui attorney San Francisco? Here is complete information about dui attorney San Francisco

If you face a DUI arrest and prosecution in San Francisco County, you need access to useful information and rock-solid legal advice. You need to be able to relax, confident in the fact that when you hire your San Francisco County DUI law firm, you are in highly competent, experienced, well-known and caring hands. In your search for the right San Francisco County DUI Attorney, your research will be worth while if you call Attorney Amy Morell to discuss your case.

A Lawyer Can Make THE Difference In Your San Francisco County Case

Not all law firms are experienced enough or equipped to handle every DUI case. In fact, there are many firms that dabble in San Francisco County DUI defense, but very few that focus their practices primarily on defending impaired driving cases. Some firms simply take your retainer fee and then try to plead you guilty at the earliest opportunity.

You need a firm that will give you fanatical personal attention and support, and fight for every inch of ground in your case. Amy Morell is an attorney who will not be satisfied until every possible avenue of advantage is explored in your case. She will not rest until everything possible has been done, and all of your questions have been answered, and your fears and concerns addressed.

About The Morell Law Office

At the Morell Law Office, Attorney Amy Morell understands that your San Francisco County DUI case is, first and foremost, about you. When you are her client, everything that she does in her practice is designed to advance your best interests. You deserve the personal attention and touch that Ms. Morell provides and are invited to call her or fill out the form to your right to schedule your free case review with her right now.

Well-deserved reputation

Amy Morell is well known throughout the state of California for her active and innovative defense of accused impaired drivers. She is a Board Member of the California DUI Lawyers' Association, aka, CDLA, which is the oldest DUI lawyers' association in the country.

Amy Morell and her firm are rated A+ by the BBB.
Amy is on the board of the California DUI Lawyers' Association.

Experience and skill

Ms. Morell has represented people who face the life-altering prospect of a DUI conviction in more than a thousand DUI cases in her career, and has personally represented clients in over one-thousand California DMV hearings. She is familiar with the judges and prosecutors of Northern California and knows the local rules, procedures and customs in all of the courts where she practices.

Ms. Morell's career began as a Deputy District Attorney where she prosecuted primarily DUI cases. Although she has dedicated her career to defending DUI cases for the past 12 years, she still knows how prosecutors think about drunk driving cases and what they look for. Because of her early experience as a prosecutor, she knows the arguments that prosecutors make, and she uses that knowledge to get every client the best possible result in their individual case. Whether the goal is a dismissal or a reduction of the charges, Amy Morell works strategically and diligently towards getting the right result for you.

Personal Attention

When you hire the Morell Law Office, you get Attorney Amy Morell as your personal lawyer from the start of your case to the very end. You will always have direct access to her. She will personally meet you in court. Your case will not be handed off to another lawyer or associate. She will also personally attend your DMV hearing.

Ms. Morell feels that it is important that you know what to expect right from the start, and spends time with you to make sure that you have the right tools and information to not only succeed in your case, but to feel comfortable and secure along the way. She understands that you are under a lot of stress and pressure in your case and that a lot hangs in the balance. She takes your case personally, and your cause becomes her cause. You will always be treated like your case is the firm's most important case, an advantage not available in many larger firms.

Call or complete the form to begin your free case evaluation and experience the difference that Amy Morell, an experienced and caring attorney, can make in your San Francisco County DUI case.

San Francisco Criminal Lawyer
San Francisco Criminal Attorney | DUI Attorney in San Francisco | Traffic Lawyer San Francisco

Recent Case Results

CHARGE: Charged with a DUI - VC23152(a) and 23152(b)
COUNTY: San Francisco County DATE: 3/2/2011
RESOULTION: Reduced to dry and reckless

CHARGE: Speeding, tinted windows, lacking proof of insurance.
COUNTY:San Francisco County DATE: 2/10/2011
RESOULTION: Case dismissed!


San Francisco DUI Attorney and Criminal Lawyer

San Francisco DUI Attorney and Criminal Lawyer. The Choyce Law Firm is a San Francisco Based Criminal Law firm. We specialize in DUI and DWI cases and criminal defense Law. If you have been arrested for a DUI, DWI, traffic infraction or any other criminally related case, it’s important to hire the right attorney to represent you in this difficult time.

Our attorneys and staff work closely with our clients to provide them the best possible defense and to protect their rights. Our San Francisco DUI lawyers and criminal attorneys are experienced in handling state cases throughout California. Our specialty is defending clients who have been arrested or accused of a DUI/ DWI, traffic offense or other criminal offense. Our office will take the time to ensure that you are informed during each phase of your case.

The Choyce Law Firm will help you understand the charges against you and help you avoid a criminal conviction and potential long prison or jail sentence. Being accused of a criminal offense is a serious matter. It can affect your freedom, your family, your finances, your ability to find or change jobs, and for immigrants even whether you can continue to reside in the United States. Our criminal defense attorneys and DUI Lawyers understand the seriousness of the charges against you and we strive to get the best possible results for our clients and also keep you updated along the way. We encourage you to call and speak to one of our San Francisco criminal defense experts today. The sooner you take action and hire a San Francisco criminal defense attorney or DUI lawyer the more likely you can expect to get a positive outcome on your criminal or DUI case.

To learn more about how we can defend your rights in the San Francisco California criminal justice system contact us by phone at (415) 230-530. Our offices are located on 201 Spear Street, Suite 1100, San Francisco, CA 94105-6164. For directions please see our Google map located on the right hand side of this page.


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